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3 Little Pigs Invitation To Play


I recently got some inspiration from Instagram user @reaching_happy to do this darling 3 Little Pigs invitation to play:


In her post she used actual straw and twigs for the "straw" and "wood", but since I live in an apartment and I put together this activity on a whim immediately after seeing her post on Instagram, I used dried spaghetti as the "straw", ice cream sticks for the "wood", and some building blocks for the "bricks". Miss 4.5 later also got out some toothpicks and wooden chopsticks for extra "wood". The pigs and wolves are made from play dough (from our previous Neapolitan ice cream play dough activity) and googly eyes. I also provided some extra play dough for her to use to put everything together.

The idea was basically for Miss 4.5 to build the 3 little pigs' houses while I put Miss 21mo down for a nap. However, when I returned from doing this, Miss 4.5 was setting up a "campsite for Barbie and the Shopkins"  (picture below) 😂 Well, it was an "invitation to play" and play she did, just not in the way I intended! I decided to leave her to continue with "going rogue" though since she was so engrossed in her own storyline. She was also arranging the props in ways I've never seen her do before, like stacking the ice cream sticks on top of each other in a swirly pattern to be the campfire. She ended up spending ages playing with the play dough and props, so the invitation wasn't a waste at all.


I think this 3 Little Pigs invitation would be great for maybe slightly younger kids around 2.5-3 years of age as that is when they really start getting into these classic stories. At that age, my daughter loved the 3 Little Pigs story and would ask to read it all the time and act it out etc. Now at almost 5, it seems making a house for Barbie is far more interesting than making a house for pigs. I'm sure she would've made it anyway and played out the 3 Little Pigs story if I had been present guiding her instead of putting Miss 21mo to sleep, but in this case I was happy to let her follow her own imagination, especially since it led her to amazing places!

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