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A Daily Schedule: Things I do with my 3-year-old

Miss A is now 3 years old. Looking back at my post on what I did with her when she was 15 months old, our routine has actually pretty much stayed the same. THE ROUTINE: Before having

Toddler Activities – Fun with Dried Pasta

The other week I gave Miss 2.5 a plate of some dried pasta (we had macaroni, shells and spaghetti in the house) and she played with it for days. Who knew dried pasta could provide so much

Toddler Activities: Kinetic Sand

I've noticed kinetic sand at toy shops for a while but never thought to purchase it…until recently. Boy, what have we been missing out on? My 2-year-old loves the stuff. It's like play dough that doesn't dry out. She

A Daily Schedule: Things I do with my 15-month-old

I wrote this post one year ago but didn't publish it then. I recently came across it and thought it was fascinating to reflect back and see what has changed (and not) in the space of a

Toddler Activities: Play Beach

Miss A loves the beach so a popular activity in our household is to create a fake beach in our living room. We use bedsheets and quilt covers to do this – a yellow one for the sand

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