Infant potty training Archive

How We Fully Transitioned Our Toddler From Nappies to Undies

In my previous post on toilet training Miss A last year, I wrote that I “had visions of her still refusing to use the toilet at 3 years of age” after she had a toilet strike. Well, she

My Child Won’t Use Public Toilets: Try a portable potty!

I never thought toilet training my nearly 3-year-old would take so long. We did infant potty training and she started pooping in the potty from 5 months of age. I use the term "training" very loosely here

Toilet Training At 2 Years Old: An Update To Infant Potty Training

Last year I posted about infant potty training where we had successfully started putting Miss A on the potty for poops from 5 months old. You may be curious to find out what the progress been since

How We Started Infant Potty Training

When Miss A was about 3 months old, we started noticing that we could hear the bubbly rumble of her pooping in her nappy. So we started saying the word "poo" and doing the baby sign for

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