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Pregnancy Diary #2: A Tale of Two Births

My First Experience: Miss A (39 weeks 5 days) When I had my first daughter, it was pretty hard to recount the birth in detail for this blog. My hypnobirthing instructor asked about my experience and I told her

How To Experience Childbirth WITHOUT Fear or Pain

Do you fear childbirth? The mere mention of the word "childbirth" is probably enough to make most women cringe. Thanks to Hollywood's portrayal of childbirth in movies, it is almost programmed in us that childbirth is meant

My Hypnobirthing Birth Story

  This is my birth story which I sent to my hypnobirthing instructor, Kathy:   I gave birth a week ago on 12 Feb. I guess my story kind of goes like many of the other hynobirthing

Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 17: Nightmares, body changes, and hynobirthing

Two nights ago I had a nightmare about having a miscarriage. In the dream, I went to the toilet and discovered I was bleeding. I rushed out to my brother (who is a doctor) and asked if

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