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Scratch Me Not: Anti-Scratch Sleeves for Eczema

When Miss E is sleepy, she tends to scratch her face or rub her face into me or the bed as she is rolling around trying to get comfortable. We used to flip up the mittens of her Bonds

Getting Fit with a Baby in Tow

For the last few months, I've had an almost instinctive defence mechanism to getting in shape. It's only been 6 months! I just made a human being puh-lease! I'm so sleep deprived! Leave me alone! I don't

Interviews with Mamas: My Baby Has Eczema

Miss E is 6 months old and has eczema on her face. I'm really struggling with her sleep as she is constantly scratching herself (sometimes to a bloody mess) and waking through the night. Her case is actually pretty

Bronchiolitis in Infants: What Can You Do?

Miss E has been suffering from bronchiolitis for a while now. Miss A also had it when she was about 7 weeks old. Unfortunately it's very common with young infants (especially under 6 months) in the colder months thanks

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