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Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS- The Waiting Game

Miss E's head is engaged and I feel like my bump looks a lot lower. Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more frequent and intense and it's getting harder and harder to sleep at night. The carpal tunnel in my right

Pregnancy Diary #2: 36 WEEKS- The Final Month

It's February! Miss A is turning 3 this month and Miss E is due to make her grand appearance sometime this month too (well, at least I hope so because if we go into March she will be

Pregnancy Diary #2: 34 WEEKS- Pregnancy vitamins and supplements

34 weeks and things are getting crampier and tighter. Surprisingly though my energy levels have improved a lot, probably due to the fact that my folic acid dose has been increased to 5 mg. I have thalassaemia

Pregnancy Diary #2: 32 WEEKS- All cleared for a natural birth

I am at 32 weeks plus and moving like a sloth. I am so lethargic and immobile and the hot weather does not help! My 20 week ultrasound revealed a borderline low placenta so we had to

Pregnancy Diary #2: 30 WEEKS- It’s getting hot in here

It's a hot summer in Melbourne and I feel like I'm dying, especially with a toddler who gets restless at home. On the plus side, I've started getting offered seats on public transport. I also had to

Pregnancy Diary #2: 23 WEEKS- Sisterly Love

Miss E is getting so strong now. I'm feeling lots more kicks and my tummy now visibly moves when she delivers a big one. Generally though I still feel Miss A was more active than her…which is definitely

Pregnancy Diary #2: 18 WEEKS- Settling into Pregnancy

Okay, totally guilty of skipping a 17 weeks update. I have a feeling there will be more skipping to come (apologies in advance)! Here is the 18 weeks bump with the fur kid. In a loose shirt I can definitely still

Pregnancy Diary #1- 38 WEEKS 1 DAY: It’s Miss A’s Month!

It's February and V has finally finished work! I'm so excited to have him home with me now…as is Taz who literally mopes at the door when he is gone. My Mum will also be here tomorrow

Pregnancy Diary #1- 37 WEEKS 3 DAYS: Fully Baked!

They say it makes you feel better to count down to 37 weeks instead of 40 (because you really do go a bit nuts waiting in the end), and it's true…and here I am! 37 weeks! Miss

Pregnancy Diary #1- 36 WEEKS: Push Present

Last week at 36 weeks, V took me out to dinner and surprised me with a "push present". Swarovski earrings! Push presents are apparently what guys are meant to give to their partners as a thanks for

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