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Ear Muffs for Babies

If like me you're constantly babywearing your little ones for naps, consider getting baby ear muffs so you don't have to always creep around like a mouse! We use Em's 4 Bubs ear muffs which you can get online. The

Sleep Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 6-7

DAY 6 Wake: 5.50am Nap 1: Put down 7.10am. Pick up/put down a couple times. Talked to herself for ages too. Finally fell asleep with a couple minutes grizzling at 7.30am. Slept 35 minutes. Woke without crying

Sleep Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 5

Note: Miss E was unwell this day. DAY 5 Wake: 7.30am Nap 1: Put down 8.55am. Picked up, bounced, put down drowsy. Slept 20 minutes. Up 9.30am. Nap 2: Went to see the doctor to check out the

Sleeping Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 2 to 4

Some things to note: Due to Miss E's age I do feed her before sleeps and when she wakes at night. Our end goal is not for her to sleep through the night but just for her to

Sleep Training a 4-Month-Old Baby: Day 1

I haven't written anything substantial this week because I've just been exhausted and sleep-deprived. Our household has just recovered from the flu/bronchiolitis and it was a very rough two weeks of just holding my 4-month-old day and night for her to sleep.

I am an advocate for attachment parenting…but I decided to let my 2-month-old baby cry it out. Here’s why

I have always been a vocal advocate for attachment parenting. I tell all my friends "You can't spoil a baby! Pick them up immediately when they cry, bounce and rock them as much as you want, breastfeed

The End of Our Breastfeeding, Rocking, Co-Sleeping Journey with #1

What our days used to consist of I know there are a lot of new parents out there who are wondering whether their kids will ever stop needing to be breastfed or rocked to sleep, or when they will

Sleep Training Babies: Why it is not for me

The early days with a very bald baby What is sleep training? Sleep training- the term you will become very familiar with when you enter parenthood. It involves teaching your child to "self soothe" and to have

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