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DAY 20: You Don’t Have to Move to the Suburbs to Have Kids (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)


Today was a really hot day in Melbourne so we did the only logical thing- jumped into the pool. I'm so thankful we have a pool at our apartment. It's a decent size, well maintained by our very dedicated building manager, and totally underutilised. Clearly there aren't many swimmers in our building and I'm not complaining as it means we…

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DAY 18: What If You Could Control Your Dreams At Night? (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)


A couple days ago, I mentioned Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) in my blog post. HSAM is basically a condition where a person is able to effortlessly recall their life experiences in extreme detail, even from the time they were just a couple weeks old. What I find intriguing is that people who have this condition usually seem to have a greater ability…

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DAY 17: Miss 4.5’s Act That Thawed My Icy Heart (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)


It's been a really nice weekend with family over. Miss 21mo seems to have recently developed a fear of crowds though and has been screaming and clinging to me through every party/gathering. For some reason, it's not been bothering me mentally/emotionally this weekend though, whereas obviously it would usually be quite straining having a crying clingy child stuck to me…

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DAY 16: Why We’re Still Co-Sleeping at Nearly 2 Years Of Age (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)

E sleeping

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) is a condition where a person is able to effortlessly recall their life experiences in extreme detail, even from the time they were infants. This condition provides interesting insight into life through the eyes of a baby or toddler, since the rest of us mere mortals cannot usually remember much before the age of 4. I…

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Daily Life

DAY 15: Today Was a Good Day (30-Day Personal Blog Challenge)


Day 15 and I feel like a crazy person just talking to myself now 🤔 Hello…hello…hello…Anyone out there…out there…out there… Today was a good day. The kids are feeling better. Public transport was great. It wasn't pouring rain on us. We actually made it to Miss 4.5's gymnastic class on time without me having to run the last 200m there. While Miss 4.5…

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Toddler and Preschool Activities

Shaving Cream Messy Play Ideas


Shaving cream/foam is such a simple way to entertain the kids when you're stuck indoors. All you need is a cheap can of shaving cream/foam and some food colouring or paint. We use Micador easy-to-wash paints for easy clean up.  This is a fun opportunity for the kids to experiment with colour mixing and create "puffy paint". Miss 4.5 loves mixing all…

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