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The Benefits of Considering Frozen Donor Egg IVF

* This is a guest post by Heidi Hayes from Donor Egg Bank USA. Reproductive health has always been a passion of mine (I've studied it from both a medical and legal perspective in school) so when Heidi asked

The Compulsory Post Baby Hair Cut

It's been 3.5 months since Miss E arrived into this world…that lovely time in my life when I'm shedding more hair than the dog. For those of you unaware of this lovely phenomenon: During pregnancy the increased levels

Pregnancy Diary #2: TWO WEEKS POSTPARTUM- Getting Back To Normal

It's been two weeks since my second daughter Miss E popped out. The postpartum cramps and aches the second time around really took me by surprise. Even my feet hurt to walk. No wonder the Chinese believe

Pregnancy Diary #2: A Tale of Two Births

My First Experience: Miss A (39 weeks 5 days) When I had my first daughter, it was pretty hard to recount the birth in detail for this blog. My hypnobirthing instructor asked about my experience and I told her

Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS 4 DAYS- Welcome to the world

Earlier this week, Miss E came into the world. 38 weeks and 4 days. 3.58 kg, 51 cm. Everything perfect.

What’s In My Hospital Go Bag? Things to pack for giving birth

My half packed bags – I have a list on the wall behind it with the things I need to chuck in at the last minute e.g. phone, wallet etc When I had my first child, I

Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS- The Waiting Game

Miss E's head is engaged and I feel like my bump looks a lot lower. Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more frequent and intense and it's getting harder and harder to sleep at night. The carpal tunnel in my right

Pregnancy Diary #2: 36 WEEKS- The Final Month

It's February! Miss A is turning 3 this month and Miss E is due to make her grand appearance sometime this month too (well, at least I hope so because if we go into March she will be

Pregnancy Diary #2: 34 WEEKS- Pregnancy vitamins and supplements

34 weeks and things are getting crampier and tighter. Surprisingly though my energy levels have improved a lot, probably due to the fact that my folic acid dose has been increased to 5 mg. I have thalassaemia

Pregnancy Diary #2: 33 WEEKS- Prepping for baby’s arrival

I have finally gotten round to prepping for Miss E's arrival- buying essentials like nappies and breast pads, washing the newborn clothes and making space in Miss A's closet to store them, digging out my TENS machine

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