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Disposable vs Washable Nursing Pads

I have been breastfeeding for four years (2.5 with my first child, 1.5 so far with my second) and I have had to use nursing pads for this entire duration. When I was pregnant with my first daughter,

Need a Good Laugh? Read this hilarious parenting/breastfeeding comic that is too real!

Growing up, Baby Blues was my favourite comic. It featured in our local newspaper and I would always look for it and read it first. Then as a mother, I rediscovered it online and saw all the

REVIEW: Eve of Eden Maternity- Affordable maternity and nursing wear

I've been yearning for some nursing dresses for a while now. I literally only have ONE dress I can easily breastfeed in and it wasn't even designed to be a nursing dress. The sleeves and jersey material

Things You Need To Survive The First Few Weeks of Motherhood

My life is now dictated by these tiny little overlords When I had my first daughter, I was a wreck. She didn’t sleep well, I couldn’t put her down, she fed around the clock, I had terrible

The End of Our Breastfeeding, Rocking, Co-Sleeping Journey with #1

What our days used to consist of I know there are a lot of new parents out there who are wondering whether their kids will ever stop needing to be breastfed or rocked to sleep, or when they will

What to Wear for Quick and Easy Breastfeeding

When I was pregnant, I really didn't give much thought to what I would wear when breastfeeding. I didn't have any close friends who had kids so there was no one around me to offer up any

How Do Bra Extenders Work?

If you're pregnant, planning to fall pregnant or your weight tends to fluctuate over your menstrual cycle or due to medication…let me introduce you to a little lifesaver called a bra extender. A two-hook bra extender in

Why Extended Breastfeeding is NORMAL

"When they're old enough to ask for it, they are too old for it". "You should wean them before they get old enough to pull up your shirt in public". "Teeth is nature's way of telling you

5 Tips for Breastfeeding Success

Miss A is nearly one and our breastfeeding relationship is still going strong. Of course there were plenty of bumps in the road initially. Miss A fed constantly and I had an oversupply and all the problems that come

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