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Broccoli and Cheese Nuggets

A couple weeks ago, I whipped up some broccoli and cheese nuggets/tater tots/patties (call them what you may) and my toddler actually ate a couple which is nothing short of a miracle. How to make them: Chop a head

When The Flu Strikes Your Household

Both my 3-year-old and 3-month-old are sick now with what I reckon is the flu. What a joy. They have been sick together before but just with a cold- nothing like this! My toddler has been sick for days

Why My Toddler Does Not Wear Pyjamas

Madeleine West is an actress, former Neighbours star, chef Shannon Bennett's wife, a very busy mum and author of Six Under Eight…yes that's SIX kids! And why am I talking about her? Well, she recently received a lot of

My Dream…and How to Find Your Dream

My Dream I was going through the many drafts in my blog when I stumbled upon the post below originally entitled "Finding Your Dream". I had written it many years ago before I even became a mum.

Brunch @ Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

I am someone who usually prefers not to mix cafe/restaurant outings with young babies, but an invite from a friend to check out new vegan cafe Matcha Mylkbar sounded way too good to pass up (I love

How We Fully Transitioned Our Toddler From Nappies to Undies

In my previous post on toilet training Miss A last year, I wrote that I “had visions of her still refusing to use the toilet at 3 years of age” after she had a toilet strike. Well, she

Hair Bands: An easy and chic look for busy mums

If you're a mum with long hair, chances are you're constantly rocking the "mum bun/ponytail" look 'cause you don't have time to eat let alone style your hair! After three years, I decided it was time to glam up the

There is No Shame in Being Naked

If you are Asian, chances are that growing up you’ve heard the phrase “Shame shame!”  As in… “Don’t run around naked! Shame shame!”  “Don’t lift your skirt! Shame shame!” An illustration from the children’s book Rudie Nudie by

Chocolate Avocado Mousse: Serve the kids dessert without the guilt

A few nights ago, in a desperate bid to get some nutritents into my fussy eater, I whipped up this chocolate avocado mousse. I had come across it on the internet quite a while ago and it

Why You Should Not Force Your Child to Hug Relatives or Friends

Whenever we meet up with big groups of relatives or friends, there will always be a few people who will ask Miss A for a hug or a kiss although they have not made any effort to build

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