Monthly Archive:: April 2016

The moment I realised my toddler had grown up

I watch as she methodically takes each bottle of paint out of the box and arranges them in a line, leaving only the green bottle left. "You can have the green one because it's your favourite colour", she

Turning 30…and learning to look after myself

A few weeks ago I opened up an old journal: 24 April 2003, THURS My birthday was THE coolest. …and I realised it's been a long time since I've felt exuberantly happy. All I've ever wanted was to

Coping with Two: Things I am learning after 6 weeks

Miss E is 6.5 weeks. My mum has left and we are on our own and it's been…surprisingly alright! We definitely really needed her help initially in the recovery and adjustment phase but now it's actually been

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