Monthly Archive:: March 2016

Babywearing a Newborn: The carriers I use to wear my baby

With my first daughter we had to learn about babywearing on the fly. It was definitely a shock to learn how much babies hate being put down! This second time around, we learned from our experience and armed ourselves

Pregnancy Diary #2: ONE MONTH POSTPARTUM- The End of Confinement

Miss E is one month old which means I am finally done with confinement- a Chinese tradition where a mother needs to stay indoors for a month after giving birth and follow a strict set of rules so

Toddler Outings: Melbourne Museum

One of my 3-year-old’s favourite places to visit is the Melbourne Museum. Apparently it’s going to be refurbished in the near future, but as it is it’s pretty entertaining for the little ones. Miss A loves the

A Daily Schedule: Things I do with my 3-year-old

Miss A is now 3 years old. Looking back at my post on what I did with her when she was 15 months old, our routine has actually pretty much stayed the same. THE ROUTINE: Before having

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