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Pregnancy Diary #2: TWO WEEKS POSTPARTUM- Getting Back To Normal

It's been two weeks since my second daughter Miss E popped out. The postpartum cramps and aches the second time around really took me by surprise. Even my feet hurt to walk. No wonder the Chinese believe

Things You Need To Survive The First Few Weeks of Motherhood

My life is now dictated by these tiny little overlords When I had my first daughter, I was a wreck. She didn’t sleep well, I couldn’t put her down, she fed around the clock, I had terrible

Pregnancy Diary #2: A Tale of Two Births

My First Experience: Miss A (39 weeks 5 days) When I had my first daughter, it was pretty hard to recount the birth in detail for this blog. My hypnobirthing instructor asked about my experience and I told her

Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS 4 DAYS- Welcome to the world

Earlier this week, Miss E came into the world. 38 weeks and 4 days. 3.58 kg, 51 cm. Everything perfect.

What’s In My Hospital Go Bag? Things to pack for giving birth

My half packed bags – I have a list on the wall behind it with the things I need to chuck in at the last minute e.g. phone, wallet etc When I had my first child, I

Pregnancy Diary #2: 38 WEEKS- The Waiting Game

Miss E's head is engaged and I feel like my bump looks a lot lower. Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more frequent and intense and it's getting harder and harder to sleep at night. The carpal tunnel in my right

Toddler Outings: Inflatable World, Maribyrnong/Footscray

Last year we took Miss A to Inflatable World at Oakleigh. It was very crowded and noisy and she really didn't handle the chaos very well at 2+ years of age. This year we headed to a different

Pregnancy Diary #2: 36 WEEKS- The Final Month

It's February! Miss A is turning 3 this month and Miss E is due to make her grand appearance sometime this month too (well, at least I hope so because if we go into March she will be

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