Monthly Archive:: November 2015

Pregnancy Diary #2: 27 WEEKS- The Third Trimester Begins

Right on cue, as a welcome into the last 3 months of pregnancy, I was greeted with a lovely searing leg cramp in the middle of the night. Leg cramps are common in the third trimester for

Toddler Outings: Ron Barassi Snr Park, Docklands

There is a new park/playground named after Ron Barassi Snr that just opened last month (October 2015) at the Harbour Town side of Docklands. It's located at the end of Docklands Drive, past the Harbour Town Shopping Centre.

Pregnancy Diary #2: 23 WEEKS- Sisterly Love

Miss E is getting so strong now. I'm feeling lots more kicks and my tummy now visibly moves when she delivers a big one. Generally though I still feel Miss A was more active than her…which is definitely

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