Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy Diary #2: 21 WEEKS- Go Team…Pink!

E-20 week scan

Bub #2 at 20 week scan with unsuspecting chihuahua peacefully sleeping in background…for now So we are expecting another little girl which we are thrilled to bits about. Miss A wanted a sister from the start so she was over the moon to hear the news. If we had to tell her it was a boy, I imagine it would've gone…

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Super Easy Banana Cake

Banana cake

My toddler loves asking silly questions just to hear us go "Nooooo…!" in an exaggerated manner. A while back she would ask "Do we eat (insert word) cake?" First she would start off with "banana cake" which the answer would of course be "yes" to, then she would rattle off the silly words like "nose cake", "ear cake", "poop cake", "bum cake"…you…

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