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Pregnancy Diary #2: 18 WEEKS- Settling into Pregnancy

Okay, totally guilty of skipping a 17 weeks update. I have a feeling there will be more skipping to come (apologies in advance)! Here is the 18 weeks bump with the fur kid. In a loose shirt I can definitely still

Toddler Activities – Fun with Dried Pasta

The other week I gave Miss 2.5 a plate of some dried pasta (we had macaroni, shells and spaghetti in the house) and she played with it for days. Who knew dried pasta could provide so much

Pregnancy Diary #2: 16 WEEKS- Kicks and Jabs

I've been feeling very subtle fetal movements for a while but nothing distinct. Then last Sunday I was sitting down when I suddenly felt a very distinct PROD, PROD, PROD, PROD in my middle down low. It was such an alien feeling

The End of Our Breastfeeding, Rocking, Co-Sleeping Journey with #1

What our days used to consist of I know there are a lot of new parents out there who are wondering whether their kids will ever stop needing to be breastfed or rocked to sleep, or when they will

Toddler Activities: Signs of Spring

This year my 2 year old started actually noticing seasons – that the leaves fell in autumn, and that it was cold and the trees were bare in winter. So she also learned that spring comes after winter and

Pregnancy Diary #2: 15 WEEKS- Seeing the light

Yesterday was Father's Day in Australia…It's the last year with just one crazy kid running around. Miss A's gift for Daddy that she made at school I am now 15 weeks pregnant with #2 and I think

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