Monthly Archive:: June 2015

Toddler Outings: National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) Open House Tromarama for Kids

Photo from NGV website Entertaining the kids during winter can be a bit of a challenge. In summer it’s easy just to head out to a park and playground but you have to be resourceful in finding indoor

Is it Okay for Babies to Watch TV? How screen time has not affected my toddler’s speech development

If you're a new mother, you've probably heard that it is recommended that children from 2 to 5 years of age have an hour of TV a day and that unders 2s should have NO screen time

Toddler Activities: Kinetic Sand

I've noticed kinetic sand at toy shops for a while but never thought to purchase it…until recently. Boy, what have we been missing out on? My 2-year-old loves the stuff. It's like play dough that doesn't dry out. She

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