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Toddler Activities: Play Beach

Miss A loves the beach so a popular activity in our household is to create a fake beach in our living room. We use bedsheets and quilt covers to do this – a yellow one for the sand

How Do Bra Extenders Work?

If you're pregnant, planning to fall pregnant or your weight tends to fluctuate over your menstrual cycle or due to medication…let me introduce you to a little lifesaver called a bra extender. A two-hook bra extender in

Is It Possible To Stay Friends After Babies?

Life ain’t a Lego movie yo… If you’re one of those people who think you can still have a decent conversation with another adult after having babies, you’re in for a shock. Thanks to TV shows depicting

Hide Cauliflower in Mac and Cheese for Fussy Eaters

If you have a kid (or adult?) who is "allergic" to vegetables, you may want to try this tasty dish which is very popular with my husband and toddler. I also use the exact same sauce with spaghetti

Toilet Training At 2 Years Old: An Update To Infant Potty Training

Last year I posted about infant potty training where we had successfully started putting Miss A on the potty for poops from 5 months old. You may be curious to find out what the progress been since

Organic Parenting: Following your instincts

Who needs a paintbrush when you have hands? What is organic parenting? I would call my style of parenting "organic". I don't mean organic as in organic food and products, I mean parenting with your natural instincts.

Why The Twos Are Terrible (And What We Are Doing To Survive)

Bub sticking “birthday candles” into the sand 1. They are still learning how the world works Miss A has just turned two. They don’t call it terrible twos for nothing. It’s not that they suddenly turn two and

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