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No money to buy toys? All you need is cardboard!

Cardboard city

Toys aren't cheap. So the hubby likes to make toys out of cardboard for our toddler. All you need is cardboard, a knife, sticky tape, a marker pen and some creativity. We both like the concept of "open-ended" toys, meaning it allows the child to be creative and use their own imagination. We always make them together and give Miss…

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Think you can work at home with kids? Think again.

Mummy pig

Working at home. Sounds like a dream and the perfect solution if you have young kids. Make money, save on childcare and spend time with your kids? Score! If you are a parent or parent-to-be looking at work-at-home jobs, I will tell you this – the reality is far from perfect. The truth is that working + kids don't go…

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