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My Hypnobirthing Birth Story

  This is my birth story which I sent to my hypnobirthing instructor, Kathy:   I gave birth a week ago on 12 Feb. I guess my story kind of goes like many of the other hynobirthing

Pregnancy Diary #1- 39 WEEKS 5 DAYS: Miss A’s Arrival

My instinct that she would be on time was right. On 11 Feb 2013, I went into labour and on 12 Feb 2013 at 6.28pm, two days shy of her due date, a little princess was born…

Pregnancy Diary #1- 39 WEEKS 1 DAY: Engaged and ready to go!

Enjoying a final brunch date before baby Miss A has dropped. Personally I don't feel any different (bump looks the same to me, still getting kicked up high etc) but my doctor says she can tell the

Pregnancy Diary #1- 38 WEEKS 1 DAY: It’s Miss A’s Month!

It's February and V has finally finished work! I'm so excited to have him home with me now…as is Taz who literally mopes at the door when he is gone. My Mum will also be here tomorrow

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