Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 11: Ups and Downs

The last week has been full of ups and downs. I almost don't feel like reporting anything because I think my posts are just getting depressing. It's all the same. Just surviving, barely living…willing the days and

Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 10: 1/4 there!

It's Week 10 and my little embryo is now officially a fetus! Unfortunately for me, my theme song is still Kermit's "It's not easy being green"; but I HAVE been feeling a lot more connected to the

Pregnancy Diary #1- WEEK 9: The Nausea Onslaught

In the beginning of June 2012, we discovered we were pregnant with our first child. This is the start of my pregnancy diary…:) It's Week 9 and my morning sickness has just gotten worse. I'm now very glad

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