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‘Dead’ Man Found Alive – An Update on Daniel Huf

By now, everyone has probably heard about Daniel Huf- the man who was declared 'dead' but was later found to be alive. The story has spread like wildfire all across the world thanks to the shock value

The ‘Dead’ Man Who Rose Again

This week, a interesting news headline caught my eye: Man Given Up For Dead Found Alive. I thought it was an appropriate story to share since it's Easter- a time where we celebrate Jesus dying and rising

Myths About Marriage

In this world, there exists a lot of negativity about marriage. Well, as a married woman, I'd like to tell all my unmarried friends that life certainly doesn't go downhill after you say "I do". I'm not

What Defines ‘Success’?

What defines success? Everyone has a different definition. MOST of us would define success as getting good grades, getting into Uni, scoring a high flying job and earning so much money you could swim in it. Up

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