50 Super Easy Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Stuck indoors with young kids on a cold and rainy day? Just too lazy to get clothes and shoes on a screaming toddler to get out of the house? These are my tried and tested super simple/easy

Blood: Attract and Repel (An exhibition)

Poster from Science Gallery Melbourne Blood: Attract and Repel is an exhibition by Science Gallery Melbourne that runs until 23 Septermber 2017 at Melbourne University. It's held at the Science Gallery, which is at the Frank Tate Building

Things to Do with Kids in Melbourne City

Stopping by Melbourne CBD for a few days, don't have a car. and are wondering what to do with the kids? This is a few of our favourite places to go to in the city by foot or

How to Make Slime with Glue At Home

One of my 4-year-old's favourite activities is playing with slime (also known as silly putty, flubber, or gak). It all started when my mum bought a tub from for her 3rd birthday. Since then, she has been

It is Okay To Admit You Hate Being a Mother or Father and Regret Having Kids

After joining a few parents' group on Facebook, I noticed that every now and then people would post (usually anonymously) about really hating being a mum or dad and wondering how other parents cope. It is actually

Disposable vs Washable Nursing Pads

I have been breastfeeding for four years (2.5 with my first child, 1.5 so far with my second) and I have had to use nursing pads for this entire duration. When I was pregnant with my first daughter,

The Importance of Living in Truth and Looking After Yourself

A key part of living a happy and fulfilling life is to always be 100% truthful about who you are and what you want/need out of life. There is no right or wrong (as long as you

Ice Skating @ O’Brien Group Arena, Docklands

Thanks to Frozen, my 3.5-year-old has been dying to ice skate. Of course, she had no idea how hard it was going to be. And I don't think my husband was quite prepared for the challenge of

Scratch Me Not: Anti-Scratch Sleeves for Eczema

When Miss E is sleepy, she tends to scratch her face or rub her face into me or the bed as she is rolling around trying to get comfortable. We used to flip up the mittens of her Bonds

Toddler Activities: Universe in a Bag

Letting your kids play with paint in a Ziploc bag is an activity which you can see all over the internet and for good reason- it is simple, entertaining, and -as long as you pray for good fortune from the

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